Making construction cost analysis is an important part of our work. We take this matter into consideration in order to offer competitive prices to our customers. For this reason, we were in search of working with a reliable company. We met with Corest Global after a recommendation. Their work was of a very high standard. Their disciplined working mentality satisfied us and they took a great deal of care, to work quickly and and responsible. In addition, Mr. Ozcan's advice on the construction site organization plan was very useful. We will definitely remain a contact for any future projects, big or small. We would have no hesitation to recommend Corest Global to anyone.


We met Mr. Ozcan through a colleague. I worked with him on a project and got consultancy service from him. I witnessed my colleague professionally prepare the quantity and cost calculations on the project drawings. Diligent and reliablity are very important engineering service. I would like to that we are very pleased with Corest Global and the service we received from him. Although Corest Global is still a new company, I think it will soon be serving in larger projects in around London They were friendly, professional, polite & excellent timekeeping. I would highly recommend this company. Absolutely, I will be using this company in the future.


We received service from Corest Global for the repair and renovation consultancy of our shop. We were pleased with the very fast and professional service in repairing doors, cabinets and countertops in our shop. Since our shop is open most of the day, we needed to have an idea of the duration and cost of the renovation. That's why we got cost analysis service from Corest Global for budget planning for the renovation I'm considering for our shop. This service has been very useful for us. Because estimating the expense allowed me to measure the loss of time and money. We were satisfied to make minor repairs in our shop in a very short time and to have an idea of the costs for major renovations. Extremely tidy and workmanship was fantastic. We would highly recommend using them for any cost analysis and renovations.


We received service to fire escape route measurement in flat and store from Corest Global Limited. Fire proof equipment was checked. We received engineering consultancy services on compliance with the fire exit regulation. This service we received from Corest Global for the more efficient use of fire extinguishing equipment was beneficial in terms of time and cost. This engineering service allowed us to understand different escape behaviors in residential and workplace. Detailed information on the effect of fire on building materials enabled us to use fire extinguishing equipment more effectively. This service took place in a short time and we were able to easily analyze the cost. We had the advantage of working with a company that does its job best. We are pleased to have worked with a company that does its job with high standards.I will definitely recommend Corest Global to contractors and construction companies that we are business partners with.


We worked with Corest Global on minor renovations of the properties that the management is doing. However, we received consultancy services on major renovations of these real estates. Plastering, painting and some small installing works were completed very quickly and without any problems. The company representative Mr. Ozdemir, saw the real estate and made a very economical offer in a very short time. Afterwards, he completed the job in the promised time. All the works were completed very successfully in terms of solution with a professional understanding. The works were completed carefully and calmly without any problems in the residential properties. I am thinking of working with Ozcan Ozdemir and his company Corest Global for similar business in other real estates that I am managing. I will recommend him to other colleagues who do real estate management like me.